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November 19, 2015

Long time

So I haven't been much of a blogger lately and I have slacked big time. And they say lately and it's been probably over a year. Just to catch you up on what I haven't said is I guess sometimes when happiness just continues and there is no drama words cannot even express this thing that you feel. It's a complacent feeling that can sometimes become overwhelming but in the end I never quite leaves and that in itself is nothing to write about. Yeah I guess I could have done a blog an unanswered questions and friends that I have lost and apologies that I never received. But I guess I just figured why bother dredging up the past when my now my future is just right. Back in 2007 when I came to this wonderful fantastic virtual world everything was so new and everything was exciting. Now my real life has become my main focus and yet I still have the same person in it. Yes I love him no questions asked and I would give anything for his happiness. His happiness means more to me than my own which tells me that what I feel for him is true. I feel very lucky in that it is shared. I do not consider myself a supermodel I always wanted to be a Barbie doll but I've never e close. But that's okay because he makes me feel beautiful everyday even if I'm not who I always wished I was. And you see this is why I haven't blogged I really have not much to say. Yes I've lost a lot of friends well I thought they were friends. But you know but my friends list is still fall and whenever I log in at least 4 still online and I do never have to be alone if I don't want to be but I usually choose to be. It is therapeutic to login and walk around my little speck of land just being and maybe hitting a live show. My virtual world has changed so much but it is changed for me for the better. I no longer lack sleep and tried to be there for every single thing going on. I no longer feel stressed and agitated if my internet is out well maybe because I can't watch Netflix but that's about it. I no longer worry about who's doing what to who and why and who is wrong. A virtual world is better in its simplicity without all the drawbacks all the backstabbing and all the lies. No I am writing this from my phone so forgive me if there is any typos funny bad or what not. I most certainly do not have time to actually type all this out and I go on my laptop so seldom that it is covered in dust. I have always said second life is what you make it and so make it wonderful. I was right about that but it's all the underlying circumstances that I didn't spell out correctly. Second Life is wonderful when it is not your life but a small extension of your real life. It is then when you can stand back and see the realities of the virtual world that makes your world better. I have no regrets we're walking away hand in hand with my partner. We talk everyday and we don't need a virtual world to do so. And for those out there that are reading this and maybe if we haven't talked in awhile. Feel free to say hi if you see me in world yes I know I'm antisocial I'm an introvert and I know that I suck at keeping in touch. The truth is I hate starting a conversation and then having to end of a few minutes later because I have to go so instead I just stay quiet and so I don't have to be rude and say its been nice talking to you for the last 6 minutes but I have to log off. Maher real life bring you all the treasures that's Second Life promised you. Peace out