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December 31, 2011

Mastering Silence and Revenge


Ok silence is not so easy, one of my favorite sayings is Silence is golden, Duck tape is silver….  I Love that, Simply put, Learn when to back off and be quiet. 

Not every one has an off switch, nor do they have common sense as to when they look like a complete tool.  So here are some sayings I love that sometimes help me through stressful situations.

Revenge is best served cold…..

WOW, what a revelation, Stop acting like a psychiatric hospital patient gone AWOL and let it go.  Revenge is for those who are weak and need to make themselves feel better, strong people are the ones smiling and ducking with every attempt.  Which one do you want to be?

Before you judge someone, Walk in their shoes……

An oldie, but none the less good.  Before you judge someone on their opinions, see their side, don’t pretend like you KNOW them,  Shockingly your probably wrong.

Its not me, its you

Chances are if your gunning for revenge, it is going to be you that is making it harsh, everyone else is really trying to ignore the fact that you have gone a bit bat shit.  Friends may disappear, and god only knows the person your mad at is thankful your gone, and adding up the reasons with every attempt made.

Don’t go away mad, Just go away

Priceless… Do I really have to explain?

My knight in shining armour turned out to be a loser in aluminium foil

A personal Favorite of mine, accept they are not who you thought they were, and since they are not,  Move On

I'm so miserable without you, it's almost as if you're here!

Gawd if I had a dime for every time this one was true….  Laughs,  Time heals all My friends

Cancel my subscription because I don't need your issues

Love this, people think after its over, there is still some things to be said.  Sometimes silence says more than words, Like Fuck Off

Hating you would require an emotional commitment

Once again, Only used by the strong, tried and true, walk away and don’t allow them to bother you, you are letting them hurt you…  I give no one that right, since it is my choice to feel that way

Peace Out

Does My Sh*t Stink?



Are any of us better than the next? I really don’t think so, But what I do know is it is how we handle our selves and a situation that will most ultimately  be perceived as ourselves.  If you play dirty, I’m going to say your shit may not stink more but… Maybe you just have more of it.  My blog is here for entertainment purposes only, and it is for my pleasure of writing.  I Love to write, I ask No one to read it, they do on their own accord.  It is this thing called free speech.  there is a red X at the top right if you have an issue. 

There is also a Disclaimer saying if your easily offended, to press the for mentioned X.  I Received a comment which is not really legible. Commenting on how miscellaneous parts of my body smell, Yet another portion said a male was giving a blowjob to my brothers.  It was quite eloquent. 

Being in secondlife, I have seen better emotes and descriptions from Noobs who wear boxes really.  BUT  they felt the need to write it, so I am going to explain why my pile of shit is not as large and well as stinky. 

I do not cause crap, why, because shit rolls downhill.  Chances are you will be the one standing in it when it does.   It may seem to be different from another point of view, but anyone that knows me KNOWS I do not argue, I walk and disappear. 

When may my shit smell a bit?  Try sending say your BFF to my virtual lot yelling at me and another person, while we were not even there mind you…. and trying to make it look like he is the biggest douche ever.  That is when My blood boils.  If I am not involved in something, I  do everything in my power to stay that way.  At this point, I am going to be a bitch. 

I do have better things to do than deal with immature actions from a person that feels the need to hurt me for no other than the reason than you THINK I did something to cause you hurt.  I would like to mention I was AFK your whole relationship.  I came back the day before the ax came down so to speak.  I was not the cause, I was the shoulder after, as I have been for many years.  The definition of  being a shoulder to lean on has NOTHING to do with Cyber, Cheating or whatever else you THINK I may have done.  

Even IF I could, you would not believe me regardless so I have to go into Bitch mode, If you think toying with me is amusing, so be it.  I can pretty much write about anything, and Honestly, I can walk away from SL Very easily. It is call Real life, and I had that All Summer and am Completely fine Boxing on my Xbox Kinect. 

Funny thing is I did stop logging, for months and you know what,  The person whom you actually hated, Not me, was still my friend.  SO regardless of what I do, If I come or go, If I am a bitch or not.  Well we are just that good of friends to be able to not listen to the bullshit. 

So In Closing, every ones shit stinks, but some piles  are just bigger than others.

December 30, 2011

4 Hours 43 Minutes and 36 Sec


amle and trolo

We wake everyday, We do our routine, and we smile whenever possible, Well at least I do.  I am an introvert by nature, but an optimistic one at that… I am a bit confusing.  It may not happen often but I have been known to crawl out of my shell to say DJ etc.  Mind you this was a while ago…..  Ill fix my PC one day and do again. 

Chatting to a friend about what my next blog should be (I have been Pretty Pissy lately and needed to lighten it up a bit HA HA) ,  they suggested I do one on how it is not how many people that are around, But WHO is there with you.  That one person who can hold your attention, one that can last say 4 hours 43 Minutes and 36 seconds.  even when it is old it never matter.  That person is someone whom you could have doubled that time and never got boring. 

We all have friends in a virtual world, and we do seem to hang with the same people over and over again, sometimes because of mutual interests, sense of humor or maybe even just because we WANT to be with them for no other apparent reason than they are our dual.  The other half that completes us, the significant other who makes us feel good, the one that listens, makes us smile when we cannot on our own, the one that understands the others needs, wants, desires and can read them like an open book.

Sad to say, most of us over look sometimes what they have, had or forget what that feels like.  The duality of them subsides and on comes our search for something we already had.  Other times it is like an old glove, you know where it is and know that when you need it, it still fits perfectly and without hesitation you will always reach for it.  They are your favorite so why bother with the others that you know are to bulky, to tight or just plain irritating. 

So in closing,  once you have something good, never set it aside, for it may be that one you were always looking for.

Peace Out Peeps!

December 29, 2011

Growing up in Secondlife


Holy Hell, Some people are Sooo Freaking Lucky I have a No Names Policy on this blog and I adhere to My word.  They are sending, Lets call her Shitty baby to my lot to act all stupid (Funny thing is, I was not even there reading it as they Yelled out their rant and nether was my friend)  trying to cause issues… I am a Peaceful person, I just Politely asked them In IM to not return to my lot.  They went off mind you, trying to stir up more trouble,  I kindly said I believed nothing and muted them….

I have been In SL WAY to long people,  Really I know these games, the mind ones you THINK you can play…  I am better than that. 

My Options were

A. Believe someone I met my first week in Secondlife and am pretty close to

B.  Believe some Ranting Psycho on my lot with access to my profile Info that pretty much leads you to my house, Not to Mention they happen to be in the “Family” group of my friends X girlfriend.

Ok, I'm NOT a rocket scientist but I do have common sense, I feel for this X who feels the need to harass them in such a way that makes her look immature and well just a plain freakin nut.  I also  hope this time she will grow a backbone and be a stronger person after she realizes how she is acting is just insane.  Please take your meds if prescribed by a Medical professional..  For the love of god and everyone PLEASE!

I am Not going to play into the Drama, But I am going to toy with your thoughts, Until you grow strong enough to STOP looking up my profile… Is it true?  Maybe.. Is it Not true?  Maybe .. Somewhere In between.. I am the only one who really knows so you just keep reading my Pics. 

For now, I am questioning why I even logged Bk in after a 4 Month vacation from SL… I left to leave the Drama, and come back to some under medicated, Mentlly unstable girl who apparently wants to kick my ass, for what….. Ha ha, Only she knows that.  I breath… Yeah that’s probably it. 

So in closing, Grow Up!  Don’t attempt to be mature and 30 years old when you act younger than a pubescent  teen…  It is not becoming, Nor is it tolerated with me.  I am not an emotional person, nor will I believe 90% of the crap I receive.  You should make this a lesson and turn 18 this year.

December 28, 2011

How Not To Screw Up a Break Up


I know they suck, I mean seriously.. Do any of us want the emotional BS of a break up?  NO,  We don’t go in with the attitude of  “They will Be my X one day so ride it out”

Hell No! We go in, fall fast then question later.  It is Human nature to put our eggs in one basket, I mean seriously, If your lazy why carry two for other options?

First rule of Breaking Up

STFU after a few failed attempts to talk……  I say this because people tend to keep talking when the other party is No longer interested,  they may smile or nod, maybe even reply, But chances are they really could care less about your excuses, your motivations and your emotions at this point. They are Humoring you, at Best and at worst, well Your just proving their point on why they broke up to begin with.

Don’t Threaten – Really, if you need to use threats to get someone back, even if it works, do you think they WANT to be there, Umm no,  they already ran once and will probably run again at the first chance they get. 

Don’t Call Names – GAWD.. If I had a dollar for every time I had a friend post some shit about an X.. Really this is mature… In maybe kindergarten.. My 6 year old son knows better than most adults, and I use the term adults very loosely at this point.  You look like the twit after you press save, send, enter or accept not your X…..

Don’t try to pull friends onto your side…. If they are on your side, they will still be there, Pulling them makes them question your friendship with them,  Chances are if they were your Xs friend first, You have lost them on default, If they were your friend first and they were also their friend but you keep acting a fool they will flee for enemy territory for less drama.

Don’t linger – The saddest thing is when someone cannot let it go…  Take a step back, No, Forget a step, Hell Move out of the state or at least DON”T contact them at numerous hours begging and pleading.  One – It Looks Desperate and two – Do you really want them at this point.. Lets think here.  They don’t want you, they broke up with you, So this now goes into you cannot always have what you want, Life is not fair and well… Put your big boy/girl pants on and walk away…..

Don’t try to be friends out of the blue with their friends – Ok this rarely happens, BUT it has been done.. OMG  Who are you and Why would I want to friend a person I don’t know on facebook or any other social outlet… Grow up and move on.

I see it this way, For me 6 months is good with no talking,  I like 6 months a nice round number, half a year and well, most harsh feelings are gone.  I am not a doctor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express a few times….. So I know what I'm talking about, and the fact that very few of my Xs think I'm a total Nut case AND still talk to me, Regardless of who did the breaking up.   The few that do think I’m a nutcase,  maybe I wanted them to think that so there was NO contact in 6 months.. I am a smart cookie like that…..


Peace Out!





December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays



Tis the season for prim candy canes, dressing up as a virtual santa and giving the gift of cheer.   I haz been online a bit more, not all as once, in small pockets really.  It has been a flurry of shopping for gifts and giving them away.  My one friend bestowed upon me a beautiful dress accompanied by some black pearls and Gift certificate from EDO.  They were lovely.  Yet another friend sent me a Gift from DE Designs and a necklace that in a way coincided with theirs.  I may not be on all the time, But I DO have wonderful friends. 

Looking back on Christmas’s past,  I have been lucky, I never really spent a Christmas alone.  My first 2 years were spent with my partner  over a prim feast, chatting, laughing and sharing our days,  the last Christmas, I had a beautiful art gallery house, with all the festivities of Christmas.  Sent my partner a real gift instead of a inworld gift, which made me smile.  I luff giving gifts. 

This year will be a mile marker also, as I am spending it with those who over the years have made my past Christmas's what they were and making new memories.   Funny thing, I did not ask for anything this year, I did not ask for love, lindens or friends.  But as the season came, in walked all these gifts that over the years I already had, one that I had not forgotten but I had not thought about in a long time.   I was amazed at the thought, the meaning and the sweetness behind each gift.  Some just plain generous others, well more personal and given with the heart and not a linden balance.  One gift came along with a beautiful poem, it melted my heart, which is normally pretty damn untouchable.  

I wish all my friends in world a peace this season, a peace of mind and the warm thoughts of love from afar, virtual hugs and a vision for a happier future.  I have already gotten my Christmas gift, come to find out, I had already had it for 4 years now and just never knew it.

Peace and love be with you

December 14, 2011

Stepping back In, Just a Lil


So after being retired for a few years I have brought back Dylana a bit,  Not much but enough to say I am inworld.  My reasons for bringing her back?  As Lindsay, She has been a permanent name on the friends list of many.  I am not the type to ever delete a person, so if I log in I am bombarded with random IMs.  Dylana is from back in the day a textured shirt with prim arm cuffs was Premium, and low prim did not Include sculpties yet.  It is back when clubs did not always have a 200 L contest going to Lure in people, The owner wanted to have a club and did it for the want, not the need to bring in people to their mall.  Back when  your hair ended up your ass more often than a Good teleport and your legs seems to fold like a chair after company left for the holidays.  She is Definitely old school.  So when I log in, I have maybe 4 friends who speak to me, the other 100 are ether off Secondlife now, busy living their secondlife, or is wondering who the hell I am and waiting for me to log and delete me. 

Having my few closest friends on he account is what makes me go back, It makes me smile knowing they are there and always a fixture on my list. 

I logged for 40 Minutes one night and went to a Jimmy Buffett concert with my sim owner, a kind, sweet woman who has a SL/RL love whom is her life.  She took over my sim almost 2 years ago, I was scared at first but she has been such a good friend, even when I am logging once a month and a few days late to pay tier…. Thank You Midi!

So one of my best friend in Second Life Enn showed me a program to do Photos, I love pictures, but suck at taking them, But I finally redid My Profile Picture

As I was taking these yet another old friend contacted me, I have them In my profile, so I said, Hey, come by and we will take an updated shot, Shockingly they did…. These are the pics I got from that shoot

Let me say I REALLY appreciate them NOT wearing their hot Pink pants… Ha ha

So here is Meh, the new No old, Well  semi-retired avatar that was once a fixture in secondlife for way to many hours to fathom.  Its good to be back on even if just a little, I missed you guys!

December 8, 2011

Changing your name in Secondlife


Now I am not one to point out blame, Ever,  I could yes, But,  I do have better things to do than A. Apparently Log into Secondlife and B Piss random people off because they assume I am speaking about them, and C Try to Remember that their name is now  **^^**()(Sn00K3 K1tT7)()**^^**.

I think some if the social interaction in SL is gone because we were given the “Powers” to make our name,  Yes,  We wanted this,  I mean if you logged in and spent 40K on an avatar, but named yourself say, Rubberballer or SlutForHire after a while the name may get old.

I see it as a masquerade party with name tag on really,  You can see them on your list, But Wait, Keep reading cause they are not who that appear to be.  I think Ill change mine to like Eddie.  I have lost friends in my 220 friends because they changed their name to something that resembled another that I had not talked to and so then the communication communication.  We are still friends but never chat anymore.  At one time someone told me to change my Name to something that was A-J cause that’s all they could see…..They were to lazy to scroll down apparently to look for me.  Umm Yeah, Ill do that.  I am now looking into names from P-Z  any suggestions? 

So this blog whats it about?  Eh, Im not really sure honestly  Just random thoughts and a monster energy that is keeping me going.