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September 26, 2011

Real Life Lies


internet lies

So you met the perfect person huh?  They are everything,  You share thoughts dreams,  your day, Your sadness, your smiles and you have that one connection..  They are the “Shit”.  You think so Huh?   Funny I may not talk to a lot of People in SL all the time, But Facebook is fantastic, because I can still relate, communicate and keep in touch with my friends.. But then I can also see the latest drama. 

So I have a friend, Who by all rights is an Eligible bachelor.  He is in his Mid twenties, an artist, taught, plays music, and has a lot great qualities.  It is No surprise he has girls falling over each other to get to be with him.  He is Fickle, and I mean that In the kindest way possible.  I will tell that to his face, No fluffing it.  He is, BUT he does fall and fall hard.

Now he is a romantic when he wants to be, Hence the falling,  He is not your typical playboy, Just has episodes of “Stupid”  as my old friend sebastian put it.

He meets a girl, He is across the world In the UK, she is here somewhere a dot on the map between here and Canade, I'm honestly not sure.  Where ever she was, She was falling to, and falling.  Now my friend has met a lot of girls on here (I am talking secondlife) and I mean In real life, they go to meet him, He is not a psycho killer, a very pleasant guy. 

I remember the one girl he met had sent him Old pictures, was a total lazy ass, and ended up puking on him one day out.  This was just before he took her to his sisters house and she was caught taking pictures of his ass with her cell phone… Ahhh, Its great meeting new people isn't it?

So anyway, This new chick was perfect, She was His Ying to his yang, His peanut butter to his jelly, She was what he had been looking for, and she was moving to be with him.

No Lying is not so new Online, it is quite old, Kinda like prostitution, the oldest form of employment.  But Prostitution did not lie, it just sold its goods, Lying sells False goods for the price of someone else. 

Long story short, His perfect 20 some year old fiance, became 40ish, She was not alone she also had 3 children ranging from 10-17 and well, She was married,  Yep, Here she is In Europe now and she is married with children.. at this point I have to wonder WTF do you tell your husband.


“Hey hun, I just need to get away, saw there was a Craft show In (Insert City in UK) I want to go to, so Ill be gone for 14 or so days, Umm Love you and Bye”


“Umm I met this great person online, Yea a total stranger, Oh it’s a guy and Umm I want to meet them because we have sex all the time Online, So, Please make sure You make lunch for the kids, Kay?  Bye”

I really don’t know what happened On ether side, I just know the beginning and the end result….. If you have No plans to ever meet, If Your married or of you just need a get away, For the love of god, Don’t go to these extremes… I feel for my friend who at one point was totally taken by this conniving Bisch… I mean really,  How do you pull this together… So, I guess just remember, You only know what Your told the truth is in some shaded hidden area and not seen by the surface.  and if there is any reality in virtuality, it is what You feel, and if you don’t believe me, wait for your next broken heart.

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