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October 26, 2011

Halloween on a Budget


50 L or Less, Oh yes, this is Possible…  Just wait till You see what I got.  Some funny some Cute, Some just Well, a costume LOL

These are from Costume Creations


This one was FREE, Ok not so sexy But it amused me

Costumes_002 Costumes_003

The Female Poodle skirt was just cute and came with the hair, and I bought the Builder Male version, I put the whole box on.. Umm Had a male shape and Skin Included.. Oops!  I can Be a Male Now YAY!

The below were on on SLX 10 L to 0 Linden, the Brides shape not my Favorite But I replaced it with my own shape and Wha Laa – Instant Costume.  All were Complete costumes Some came W skin/Hair Etc, I am picky tho and changed for My Own hairs,  So with under 20 L I bought all these Outfits.. Yaa Me!




The Sanctuary Sim

So I found this Halloween sim, Had a great Maze which I did find my way out of… Must have been the black hair, really, and had lots of cool places with a haunted house, small gazebos with quant little dancing areas and Ghoulish looking ghosts wandering.  A blood waterfall with a big skull for me to get all homey at in my Black witches costume and just to much to mention.  One of the Sim owners was there and mentioned not everytthing was out yet,  Cannot wait to go back again!  All the Pictures are taken inworld, No modifications, So they are not cropped, But I hope you get a chance to visit them soon!

Halloween Sim Location

October 23, 2011

Random Nothingness



Hi… Yeah been a while right.. Funny thing,  I told a Friend who is not in SL anymore I had nothing to blog about, they proceeded to try to “Piss” me off, It did not work,  I know them WAY to well and everything they said ether amused me or made me cringe from the thought but Not give me a Blog post.. They have since quit SL also, amazing how that happens  we are still tight, well I think so, We chat offline in IM on other networks and stuff,  but in SL they won’t log, They have no reason to, have they totally left, Nah, they will be back like me.  Funny thing

Them: Funny how you have nothing to bitch about since you left SL

Me:  I Know Right…..

But its true, I got nothing, No not nothing, about a week ago I got a random IM, Ok not so random, but an IM regardless,  from lets say to keep it on the DL, a Friend.  They were apparently horny and wanted some, and they ended up in my box, Yeah this is gonna go far…  Ha ha I cannot tell you anymore cept for they should have known better, and That was pointed out. 

Then there is the people out there who all of a sudden come back to life, like me, We are lost,  I know tonight I spoke to 3 people,  Even my BFF was afk,  Really its like crap Im on for 3 hours and 1 person I was talking to Inworld is not even INWORLD… Yep, ha ha, WTF.   I am not a socially inept person to begin with,  But as I saw people who I knew I had somewhat bonded with I said a hello, they chatted back, but really, I still felt a bit out of place.   I know I know Ill get back Into the swing of things, I miss it,  and I will get Bk on as I used to, that is a No Brainer. 

Ok I guess I am done for now, I know,,,, Lame as hell, but yeah that is all I got, Well for now  working on another blog though,  May take me a while,  considering the Like of it took me four years,  Yeah, I can be slow sometimes. Keep it virtually real, Peace Out

October 17, 2011

The Holiday that Never Dies….. Halloween


I am not sure about you, but as a child, even Christmas could not compare to Halloween, and still cannot as I relive it through my sons eyes.  This is one of those novelty days where you can be whoever, whatever and whenever you want to be, Well the whenever still applies to secondlife all year around.   Seriously my whole year is filled with my son asking me to add this or that toy to his Christmas list with the occasional I want to be a Policeman, Military soldier, Spiderman, Ninja, and lastly this year …. Batman.   I will wait till next weekend to purchase his costume as it changes so often, and well, I am not a bank as much as he would like me to be. 

SO yes, all the Halloween parties, Hunts, Gifts Etc have come in world,  If I get to log in, I will grab the few that have not been over my Delivery Cap and then open later, But what I do Love, is my actual costumes.

So Here is a few of my Fav, If they are still available I will let you know where to get them Smile 

This is a group gift I found, both the male and female outfits at Lovecats, So Grab it while its still available

Next Up is some BlackLace Costumes, They always make some Fantastic stuff

And this is My OLD Favorite  I remember hanging at a party with Jane and Ceasar BACK in the day,  Back when Cryophile was Neversedge, And well all of secondlife was New.


You do Not have to Buy costumes… Look for Free ones, they are all over,  I surely have 30 in my inventory alone, But these are just My Picks for ones I may be wearing this year.  Mucho Hugs and the one with the Most candy WINS!

October 10, 2011

Xntra City - empower the Eccentric in you!


Well that is the Location Title, But really it is a pretty cool city, Very Umm Eccentric.  My gem there was a factory, that made your avatar into a Robot, I mean you went on this Machine and it shot you ll over, making your avi into this anonymous robot, and also gave you a hud to do tasks for RP, Now that is Pretty cool!  

Location Description in SL

A community of Blank robots created in the Blank Factory to accept quests, battle Mimics in themed combat arenas, and protect nano from rival cyborgs. Tasked with saving the world by spreading eccentricity. Start in the Blank's Robot Factory for av & hud!

Of course I did Not have a master Folder in this avatars name yet so I made it real quick (I was already in line to be a robot)  Yeah Im smart…. But It worked Out Wonderfully!  Check this place out!  Worth the Look around and don’t forget to Get your Robot On Smile 


Being Made Into a Robot


My New Robot Look… Tasks later, But it was fun Exploring!

October 5, 2011

WTF happened


So I logged In, Well for longer than 20 minutes, It was a slow night in Real life, well not really but, I needed a break.  2 IMs pop up the moment my screen goes from black, One a friend who has a new house, and another who is my BFF there. 

First IM

Come See My House!

Me:  Ok, TP

Aftre waiting a few Minutes I decide I have not changed clothes In well, a few weeks, so I grab a new outfit,  Try on a few different skins, and wha la – I am a Neko for the night.  Escaping out of my cam I see I have company, My Second IM is there, Standing next to me, I laugh and say Hey!  Didn’t see ya there, My house is your house, I have a come as you are or whenever you want policy. 

about 10 Minutes later I get a TP offer from my other friend, Now really, these 2 are friends also,  when new house dude first logged In, he was happy to meet my friend, and well, my friend gave him lots of stuff to start off secondlife with.  So I take the TP, when I get there, I said Hello in local, they asked me to look at their set up, It was great, Nice lot beautiful house, Just fantastic. 

I said

I am TPing * Is that cool

How are you been so long, How is SL for you?


Gimme a Hug

Me – U bet

Well somewhere In the lose of communication, Maybe it was My bad I did Not ask again, But I also did not get a No, I TPd in our mutual friend. 

Glorious Ejection… Really , Hell Yeah I was Ejected and defriended in 2 Minutes flat as was my other mutual Er I mean Their X Mutual friend, I mean it was Like surreal for me.

I was talking to yet another friend and they said what did you do… I Did Nothing, I mean Intentionally Nothing, They said, they wanted You alone, they like you.

Shanking my head.. Nooo,  We are not like that, I mean never have been, He disagreed, apparently I missed something, I declined to believe.

Well all In all apparently they had Missed my Request to TP in our mutual friend, and I was kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place since it had taken them so Long to send the TP and our other friend had shown up.  It was a damned if you do thing I guess, I mean I would Never do something to someone to piss em off, I mean really this is ME.. I am the peace keeper for crying out loud I DON’T start shit, I just walk away.  After a Few IMs and finally a letter in facebook, they replied, Yep, It was because they had not seen my Request, and really checking over their Facebook page, they had a bad day, I was the beating post.

They replied something like

I haven't talked to you in how long? I'm not fragile or sensitive to very much; but sometimes I get kinda temperamental (I am gonna call BS on this for that Moment)  .you could have at least asked if it was okay, no biggie, take care

then a bit later

still shaking my head

Ill Copy Paste what I wrote back since, Well It is Mine

I am truely sorry I thought You saw Me type that and figured since You knew him it was cool, He was at my place when U TPd me, Much hugs and take care

So One glorious night In SL  one of the Few I actually showed up for, was ended In an ejection and defriending,  Now, I guess If I would have not asked I would not be so WTF, But I did ask, I even Copy pasted My Request to them On FB, Nothing.  Maybe they completely missed it, Maybe.. and just maybe they were having a bad day.

If they did not know them I most certainly would have prodded deeper, but since it had been so Long we were caught up in hugs and catching up. 

Being there for 5 years, I have a lot of demands, and people IMing me when I log in, I try to make the most of the 2 hours I get to log in, Shockingly I have not had a bad day but Kinda a bad few months, Hence I am not there.  Yes I have filled a lot of my time with other stuff, but shockingly I do not have the perfect life which I am not going to go Into.  Those that know me, Know my circumstances. and for My Friend,  Yes I still call You my friend.

I meant it when I said I was truly sorry, and I wish you the best.  If you knew me better you would know I feel bad for what happened but this is purely your choice, It is part of being in secondlife, People come and go and it is all your choice as to who you remain friends with. Cest La Vie

October 4, 2011

SoYou want to Be an Avatar


Secondlife is filled with, Different personalities and different beliefs.  It is the Melting pot of the Virtual society.  and it is Home to many.   I know I have met VPs from companies to unemployed pipe fitters,  Sports coaches to Restaurant owners, It is for everyone and No one, It is for those seeking something that is filling a void in what we call a Real Life.  Some of us have no social life and others have one and just want a momentary vacation from it all. 

Beliefs are one thing that set many countries apart,  Being from the USA,  I know our society is far from open,  We are actually quite pissy.  In Europe they have nudity on Television, Or Telle…  They do not hide the fact that the female form is a thing Of beauty, Which I do agree with, But at the same time being brought up to  Believe that is NOT normal,I would cover my sons eyes. I know when I visit Canada often their views on the media differ,  their news is filled with not Shootings or the Child who who was found, In a brush pile in the woods and once we find out we are in it for the long haul.. WHo did this?  We then follow the story for 6 mnths to a year, till the trial is over,  seeing who and why.. It is actually quite twisted.  I don’t like it, I do NOT watch the news.   I know in some countries the legal age for adulthood differes By like 5 years from the US (All of them are Less None more than 18)


Bottom line is I have met a lot of people that have different views, Their chidhood was much different than mine.  I knew a Bloke from England,  He was brought up in less than normal circumstances, The adults would actually fight the kids and this was acceptable.. I do not understand this at all.  Why would  an adult try to harm a kid who was so young… It was hard for me to understand the mind set there,  They had me watch Inserts Of a Movie (I will ask them the name and post it below)  In the scene it was all the kids with this determined look on their face and then a group of adult men in this 50s and up, Some drunk, getting into a brawl. It hurt to watch and to imagine a child being treated that way.  I am not saying all the people in the US are great parents,  We are not, I know a few people who need to be neutered.  But for me, It made me feel sick, and For that moment I felt an emptiness inside which I allowed to be filled by their pain, their memories and their  past.

Meeting so many different people, you have to use a key ingredient most of us do not use, it is called acceptance.  Be it with Race, age, Gender or sexual preference.  I am not one to  judge on any of those, Did I used to, Umm, Hell yeah,  I had an issue with one particular race, It was personal, I think a lot of us harbor feelings for a while if we are hurt.  One day in a meeting at work, I have made a comment and my Best friend looked at me, It was the realization of his Ethnicity, I had never asked, It never mattered.  at that point any ill feelings I had for that race were depleted into finished business.  He is not that race, he is a person, with a heart and feelings.  I apparently had never discussed my distaste with him or I am sure it would have been brought up sooner..  Funny how 7 years later you can come across something that now that I look at  it was so Obvious.  

An Avatar is only an extension of our beliefs, Our thoughts sand feelings.  If you meet someone who is acting crazy, Well if the shoe fits wear the hell outta it.  Yeah, Of course not everyone is Ha ha Lets say “Well” but we are all made up of the same components,  We are all human  Our avatars reflect how we feel inside, apparently I feel Like a TALL, blonde with a closet the size of heaven.  I may wear a neko tail, then Ill switch it up, again.  I have no set hair, Like in RL, it goes with the day, Some days curly some straight.  My furry friends are different colors, some bright some  in the darkest of days in a Black steel look, But all days they are the same flesh and blood I last talked to. 

Make your avatar reflect you, Make it you with perks.  I often talk about my 2 avatars as 2 different people, In which they are,  My old avatar Dylana had never parted from her Secondlife as a couple, She was fun but respectful to vows, was caring a bit more subdue.  My avatar now, Lindsay, Well she is the wild child,  She did partner for 8 months and respect vows, But honestly I am happy to be able now to do as I please, Have not strings and just log in when I want to or have time.  It is the freedom without the attachments that woks for me right now.  I think back on being Dy and It makes me smile,  I know that she will never come back,  but I know who I am today if you met me on the street is all in part of because what is did as Dylana.  

dy alone_001

Bottom line is when you meet another avatar, remember they could be your sister, brother, cousin, Never feel like your to good, and NEVER not see yourself in them, It could just as easily be you looking for a shoulder, someone to hang with or just simply help  rezzing a box.  We were all there at one Point now weren't we.   The person on the other end may not be as Perfect as their avatar, But their avatar is their version of who they see them selves.  It is purely them if they have the RL connections to do so, It is them and as you know only you can be you better than anyone else, as they can only be them, Don’t try to change them, Accept their differences, make it a lesson, Learn from it and there in itself you will find you can take them with you the rest of your life.   . 

So you want to be an Avatar?  You already are, It is what you see in the mirror, who you choose to bond with and what makes you laugh,  being an avatar does not make you anything different than what you already are, It only enhances your real life and gives you another outlet to show you, as a Human you can shine.  Best of luck to all, Real Life, Secondlife, and all in between.