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January 20, 2011

You are my Vacation

You are my sunsets, and the painted colored sky,
You are my ocean, with the waves and seagulls flying by
You are My mountains, with trees reaching up to the clouds,
You are my Love song, Without saying anything Out loud,
You make me travel, to rivers and cobble stone walks,
breathing the fresh forest air, holding hands, having talks,
You take me to islands covered in sand, palm trees sway in the breeze,
you make smiling come so easy, with you I am at ease,
You have given me the moon and stars, without taking away the night,
you let me be Myself, and make it ok to not always be right,
You are my ultimate vacation, My favorite get away,
I may not always say, But in my heart, you will forever stay

January 9, 2011

Losing a SL Friendship

Have you ever known someone for ages, But never really gotten to know them, nor taken the time to due to your lack of time maybe even interest. It happens more often than we admit, accept the friendship and just move on, maybe some light banter, an occasional hello or hang out every so often but nothing you were going to write in your prim page diary. With that being said, we come to my best friend, Enn Jaxxon. I had known Enn for 2 years, yeah, sad, but regardless we chatted at times, nothing concrete or bonding, just how are you? Kids? Life? Work? Etc.... Yes we had the platonic never see friendship down after all that time.

May of this year for whatever reason he started coming around, Alot. I did not mind, he was always very nice, humorous even, and we were both alone. It seemed to "mesh" We talked alot about family, Beliefs, Music, Daily happenings, News, More music and how we saw happiness rise and fall in Secondlife. I took him shopping with me, then he took me shopping with him, We play around with wizard HUDs, Introduced eachohter to alot of new music and videos on my TV at the house and bared our souls, we had eachothers backs, We were meant to be where we were every time we were together.

We watched relationships rise and fall, Heard gossip and shared, watched friends stab other friends, But still stood tall and firm that we would not be like that, and we did. A week ago I recieved a Notecard in short saying he was leaving SL, I felt abandoned, as he probally did when I told him I was Partnered to Will. I know his reasons are good for leaving, Real Life, It is a good life when taken advantage of and the opportunity is there. He has a family that love's him, Children that adore him, a Job that drives him to Exhastion and a License to go anywhere he wants to go at a moments whim. He is having Movie nights, Game nights, Quiet nights and Just being his RL self now, Kinda like we were, but in reality, with real people.

In Short, Enn, You have been there for me Forever as far as SL standards go, You held me when I was hurt, you mended my broken heart, you saw me through the suicide of a close friend, you shared every aspect of your RL person with me and I with you. I Thank You for standing beside me and loving me for who I am and not some Virtual Pixel with an Image. I wish you the most in happiness, Love and all that RL can offer, and till we meet again in a textured jungle such as second life, I am here, I always will be, a Friend in waiting, always keeping you in my prayers. You will be missed, Much Love, Lindsay (AkA Connie, The only attractive Blonde In SL) *Grins

January 2, 2011

New Years 2010-2011

Due to technical difficulties and secondlife lag my night out in "Fancy" dress was brought to a halt... Barely any events, Which I have noticed since LL changed the permissions on posting, and the few places that had something was PACKED! I am not a lag whore, I don't wear a ton of prims and the people I was with were also walking thru walls if able to move at all, It became a Ill TP u to the dance floor contest, We all lost. Life is all about plan B right? Home again Lets change and hit a Regular club, that was short lived, Chatting on skype and a bit of boredom later, We all decided to hit the house again... Yes, the Hub of where all good ideas start. Will (Aeonix Aeon) Said "Hey Lins, Start your stream, We will have our own party"... So we did, No event, No Hope for anything big, Just chatting and enjoying the new year come with those that we are close to, Not a bunch of strangers. Started off with Me (Lindsay Heslop) Will (Aeonix my secondlife partner) and Jewlie Diesel (Aeonix's BFF), I was tossing together a play list while Aeo and jewlie IMd Peoples and soon We had a roof full of People, Javier, Sanlyan, Omegey, Midi, Giselle, Mandoaa, Topaz, Carmine and a few People I am sure I forgot. We brought in 2 New years, One for the majority and another for Midi and Giselle who were an hour behind, We bantered each other.. Well Mostly Mando, He is way to easy to give shit to, and I think all in all it was a great night.

at 2:30 my time I pulled stream and said my good nights, and turned my Vodka filled brain off. I did not have everyone there that I wanted, Some had that, Oh, Real Life stuff going on I hear about, and good for them, I was quite happy drinking safely in the confines of my own home, Less drunk drivers and I did not have to deal with other drunk people spilling stuff on me, If it was to happen, I had only myself to blame.

Secondlife is a community of people with so many differences, Race, Religion, Upbringing, Social status, and it s Secondlife that wraps it all up in a pretty bow (sometimes lagged a bit to open though), It is how we accept those differences and allow it to add to our own that counts. Every person that has entered my secondlife has made an impact, Good, Bad or Indifferent. I love all my friends there, Have disdain for others (did you want me to name them Heh heh)But anyway They all mean a lot to me, some, Yes I am closer to that others, some move on some stay for the long haul, But each have left a footprint on my Virtual heart. I wish my friends a wonderful new year full of compassionate Hugs, a heart full of Love, Health that would leave any medical journal empty and Laughter beyond their own imagination. For those who I shall meet later or those who I never cross paths, I wish you the same, I am sure we to would find a common denominator given the chance.

Just a quick shout out to hose who have impacted my Secondlife for over 3 years now, In order of when we met.. No Whining Please! Cale, Trolo8, Amle, Carmine, Enn, gimly, Jason, Tosha, Aeonix and Jewlie.