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November 22, 2011

From EA With Hugs–Meeting your online equivalent


It started so long ago, I cannot even  remember how it began, Besides a Smart assed comment on my page.  Childish bantering and a few Flirtations.  It was Social Media at its best.  It ended up being someone, I am blessed to know, One who I can talk to and one whom always has a piece of my heart.   As October approached I knew the day would come,  the day we would meet in person.  He is silly, able to take my shit,  caring and most certainly someone I was destined to meet.  Our shared Birthday, Our personality traits that mirror each others, and our sense of humor fit like the last puzzle piece in a 1000 piece jumbled mess we call our Life. 

I had already met one person online before, Granted it was a bit different,  He was younger, scared of me, Well Ok, NOT scared but he definitely nervous. It was a 20 Minute meeting and very nerve racking I think on both our parts, but I'm sure given a few hours we would have relaxed a bit more.  I Ill talk, laugh and have a good time, I may not be the Sultry avatar I portrayed in secondlife, But I can hold my own. 

Dragging my ass out of bed at 4:30 AM was not easy… No, not so much, and my hair apparently was going to follow suit as the curlers dropped so did my hair, it was a failed attempt at such an early hour, but the thought was there.  After Dropping lil one off at school and realizing he had forgot his Backpack, It was pretty apparent I was going to have a Long day.  My plan was to be there at Noon then back on the road By 4 or 5.  Being blind has its disadvantages when driving at Night,  Especially when street signs are needed.  after an hour on the road, I stopped by a gas station and grabbed 2 more monsters,  I live on those, they are my energy… after munching on a few bites of a Sausage McMuffin, I was back on the road.  I cannot remember where I was when I stopped Next,  It was a Rest stop, probably 3 hours into the Grueling monotony  that Ohio calls roads,  It was actually rather Quaint,  the 2 lane highway, the small spotted towns that were gone just as I saw them coming,  the Random big box store sign, a Church I swear was bigger than the town I lived In set back so far that they had fountains that were 3 or 4 stories tall sprouting up out of the ground and Being a draw for anyone driving by. 

He was to wake up by 1 AM, He had a 5:40 flight to be there in time for our lunch date, he was up at Midnight fearing he would be late, Which he was but only by a few minutes.  He apparently was getting nervous,  He had texted me a few times, and I for the most part was sleeping in a beautiful ambien haze.  He got to his plane fine, and the layover was no issue except they had to delay the flight he was going to for them to board.  Just a few hours away from the great Northern Buckeyes state (Sneers).   I think the first thing he did when he was able to use his phone again was text me,  I was on the road, Just over 3 hours now, My contacts were a bit pissed from staring at the concrete, But I had Enrique englasis to keep me happy and awake, Not to forget the 3 monsters I had consumed, I think I was only on 2 at that point though.

The real fun did not begin until I got to Columbus, there was so many one way streets, So many people pilfering through the streets and oh yeah, It’s the home to the buckeyes… as I drive through town with a U of M Bag full of misc stuff I had picked up to show some Michigan love to the Texan that waited for me at the radisson in the lobby.  After a few failed attempts to gain entry into the parking garage I finally mastered the turn into the correct drive and found a spot, I was pretty happy with myself at this point.  I walked out of the parking garage and grabbed my phone,  walking up the path that said *Not a Foot Path*  I made my way up used to breaking the rules.

He on the other hand had his own issues besides parking, His phone was dying and he had no room to stay in yet, So he was hanging in the lobby charging his phone with way to many last minute details on his mind *Laughs*  When I phoned him, He did sound nervous but happy, Just happy I was a few hundred feet away.  When you meet for the first time, your scared no matter what,  Will they like me, Do I look as good as my pictures?  Am I to fat? Short?  Boring? Gawd at this point Semi Likable would have been a bonus. 

“Are you ready?” I joked

“As ready as I’ll ever be” He joked back

“You Nervous?”

“Yeah, but that soon will pass” I laughed and we hung up. 

The hotel was bustling with people there for the conference, there was 4 there that weekend.  He sat there by a table charging his phone, without a room yet he was a bit homeless but hopeful. After exchanging hugs and some small chit chat for a few It was close to 1 by that time, due to my inability to understand the buckeye way of road segmentation and why the majority of roads were one way all going the same way….  Never said I was a road scholar. 

We headed up to the hotel bar, the first thing he said to me was

“I didn’t think you would be so tall”  Smirks… I am 5’5 1/2 (I'm NOT giving Up my Half Inch LOL)  with additional 3 Inch heels, Which the heels would get old after a while, Believe me. 

He on the other hand was surprised that I was cool, I fit my personality to a T, and he thought I made a good Impression, The things he said I cannot type out because it would make me blush and feel like I was Promoting myself, which is not in my character.  The bottom line was, I am who I say I am, and I do not differ much in person.

First round of drinks were nice,  we were going to eat but time somehow passed way to quick,  and even in person he took my shit about his brand new laptop that still was so simpleton it would not run a low graphic version of secondlife.  In reality it did what he wanted to do,  which was not gaming but his business, I cannot imagine having a computer and being limited but then, I am a old gamer even though my monitor has not seen any thing graphics intensive in months. 

I bought the second round of drinks, Its my nature to always be 50/50,  He was kind of surprised, and I told him, Your buying food, Let me buy you a pop/Soda whatever you call it in your state.  In Michigan it is a pop.. But most places use this soda term which reminds me of the olden days and soda fountains. 

Being me, and used to just taking over, whatever the situation, I was able to get him a room at the hotel for a night, but not the 2 needed, but put him on a waiting list for cancelations, in the mass confusion of being homeless etc, I was happy he had a place to sleep for the night, the room was a corner suite, windows all around, Big screen TV and the comforter was heavenly looking.  He was surprised I just started calling the hotel, got his the room and took charge.. Umm Yeah that just me, If its gonna get done it can’t be done without trying.

Amazing how things change so fast,  I had just grabbed the menu and plopped down on the bed giving my feet a rest when he got a call, another room for 2 nights was available so off to the lobby we went, I met some of his friends that were there,  He had told them he was hanging “Solo” to meet some girl (Smirks) and they all seemed very nice, But then everything was done quickly, I did not talk a lot to them, just exchanged a few hand shakes etc.  He grabbed the key and got a refund for the first room… Ill miss that Huge white cloud looking comforter with Over sized pillows…  Sighs.   The next room was across the street, it was a room with 2 beds.  As long as I could fall down on one of them I was completely fine. It was a  a short walk if you know where your going, Longer if you don’t… *Laughs*  His luggage in tow we headed over to the next place, this is around where the 3 inch heels were no longer attractive to my feet, Yeah… I helped him get his stuff settled in,  Grabbed his dying android and tossed it on the charger,  I had kept mine off a lot knowing the battery life is less than a Kim Kardashian  marriage.  Then fell out on the bed letting my feet get  a break.

Undecided where to eat now, we settled on room service,  Max and Ermas delivers… Yay!   We feasted over Greasy food  and Ice tea for me (I was not looking forward to the Long drive home) for another hour,  chatting away till I saw the time, it was officially late, after 7.  It was already getting dark…. I was shocked, how the hell am I going to find my way home.  Well not home but to the highway. 

All in all it was a fantastic time,  the conversation never stopped,  we lounged in the room, being silly and sweet.  Hugs and Kisses were exchanged and we held onto the moment knowing it was to be over almost as soon as it started.   I think he found I may be chatty but I'm still shy at times, and he, well he was the perfect gentleman, even offered to buy me a Monster or two for the road. 

He walked me to the lobby and I started for the doors,  after about 20 steps I turned,  I watched him go to the elevators, He did not look back. I smiled.  He on the other hand did not think I would look back, after a hug and a kiss, he headed back to the elevator, with a huge smile on his face, Bigger than he though he remarked because the girl at the check in counter watched him and smiled right back at him.  He said if he would have known I was going to stop and watch him leave, He would have come back to get me.  His conference was crazy that night, he sent me pictures, of the auditorium, and we chatted after I finally got home.  He texted me throughout the conference, saying way to many sweet things, ones I doubt I deserve, but was happy to hear that from someone who shares the same birthday, has the same sporadic attention defect disorder and has the patience of  a cabbie in New York.  All in all, as he said the nervousness will soon pass and it did, after over 6 hours it was like I was leaving someone I had known forever, I was sad to go but knew my ride was another 4 and a half hours of darkness and cops who HATE Michigan drivers.

I would do it again and have my chance again in January when he is back. 


mi príncipe azul
hasta la próxima vez

November 19, 2011



So I was in hiding, as I surfed through the sims in secondlife, I have 2 friends on this account, One that I have not talked to In, well a long time and another whom knows where to find me if I am online.  I was Looking for a place, one to blog about, one that would make me want to write.  He had a Place, One of art, serenity and  an ominous sky that opened up to the stars and beyond.  It was Pteron

It had a Blue Crystal doorway on high graphic settings and it was like an Ice castle, Until you selected your destination Then it was a Universe of mystery, It was walking through Light beams, Peeking at  beautiful sculpted flowers,  Walking on the cusp of a Neon ring and peering through a Capsule into a mass of stars and fireworks, It was a beautiful Sim. 

Here are some of the Pictures we took, in between chatting and catching up as I have been AFK a lot.  Yes I will come back one day, It is just timing right now.  When I do log as Lindsay, I am sent hugs and love and well wishes, Pleads to come back and random invitations.  I do feel the love, Until I am able to come back and be who I was meant to be, I will come on under the radar, Just long enough to see one or 2 People, Just long enough to write a blog, Just long enough to get My Pixelized Fix.

November 17, 2011



Pronounced Habana is a city in Cuba. 

In all Honesty I did not know Crap about Cuba, except for people were clamoring to get out of there and come to the states.  Amazing how meeting people can broaden your horizons and pull you into a lesson without trying to. 

Yes, I met someone who lived there as a child, they wanted to go back to visit family, I wanted to go because they made it sound so wonderful and beautiful. 

There used to a lot of Cuban Sims,  Ones where they were built to show you the lifestyle, the surroundings and the homes that the people lived in.  Once a year I will search for a Cuban sim, walk around and pretty much be one with the pixels of prim builds, the sandy beaches and the builds textured with plaster walls and peeling paints.  Old cars and tall buildings  that seem to be etched out of the backdrop.

I am still fascinated with Cuba, and to this day go to Cuban sims.

So a few Months back… Yes I know my Blogging ability is dwindling lately, But once again a Few months ago I  Hijacked a Avatar and jumped Online for a few hours and was one with the surroundings, I am sad to say they had put snow on the sim… Really?  I am doubting Cuba has ever seen snow, But I walked the whole sim regardless.

The beach was peaceful,  with tents and Pillows the city was actually very pretty, with the Old buildings, the painted busses and the palm trees.  I am pretty sure that was one of the last times I was In Secondlife longer than 20 Minutes, which seems to be my max every few weeks lately.  I am lucky to have an appreciation for others backgrounds,  an acceptance of differences and a willingness to learn about them.  Funny, I saw on cable this movie called Xanadu,  I Looked it up and there Popped up Cuba, the Xanadu mansion, at one Point the Dupont Mansion, a Golf Resort now. I started to built a small scale model of it, I did give up, It was quite the feat, But I look at it now and think, Really it is  quite an easy build minus the textures.

Where am I off to next?  Hmm I am not sure, I have been to Paris, To Detroit, to Iowa and to Cuba in Secondlife, yes, not really any Rhyme or reason to those is there?  Oh yes I forgot south beach, Went there just before kicking it for real in Florida.  I will pop on again one day and take a tour, and then, I shall Blog happily.