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February 5, 2012

Secondlife Dating



Visiting a dating service in Secondlife, was, well, amusing….  I am kind of sorry that I did not get pictures of the 30 random pictures on the wall, ( note I went back to get a few)  the hovering text above them and in stealth mode I grabbed Notecard upon notecard to crawl into these people minds. 

Most just filled out the cards in accordance to their Secondlife, Namely





Meeting new people

Others went out on a Limb and stated their Deepest desires

I has a GF, but we are looking for another girl to join us

Someone to love me for Me….

and My Personal Favorite

Sexual Emotion….  I am not quite sure where that one is going but I am thinking of a Stalkerish cyber relationship here.

They also were asked, what are you looking into in a partner

Can be Online a Lot (Must be Looking for the Unemployed)

Loyal (Won’t Cheat on me)

Understanding (But can cope if I cheat On you)

Funny (make me laugh)

Independent (Is able to find things to do while I am on an alt cheating)

Caring (Will listen to my drama and side with Me)

Adventurous (Would be willing to cyber with me and a few other people I found while you were offline)

and finally

Can love me for being Me (I have lots of drama, and people tend to run fast so… Deal)

All these Fantastic options above were between men's and women's Cards as me and my friend (Who happens to be a Member there)  delved into the short list of the same thing.

So here is a List of the questions:

What are you looking for? If this was me,  It is not because my set of pixel balls would never have the needs for more random date requests.

What do I Want,  I want it all, I want the smiles and the laughs, I want the game playing the Movie watching, the Music listening Kind of nights  I want the hand holding, the the pillow fighting, the endless hours of nothing filled with everything and more above the before listed,


Oh One of the questions was… Do you want SL kids…..

Some said yes some No, and a few, Depends

I am a flat out No on this one,  Last thing I want is some extra prims on my lot for a baby, and  really I have a Lil one in RL, why would I want to duplicate that in a virtual world, let alone adopt a 42 year old dude playing out a 5 year old girl with a Love foe Lollipops and playgrounds.   To me this just screams WRONG!

So as I said earlier,  My friend is there, Looking for Er, I use that term, Looking, Very Loose.  But none the less looking for a female that is not a total SL cyber whore, One with a strong mind, good sense of humor, and well, someone who can be their peanut butter to their jelly. 

It is so complicated having to click each picture, Read the Notecards and then saying of yes!   I Like you…. then you click the board and it tells them one person likes you.. But who Oh Hell we are not telling you that,  way to Much TMI,  also, you are limited to the amount of Boxes available there and you are only matched up if you both click like on each other.

While I was there a Male avatar IMd me, SHOCKER…. He wanted a Nice girl to hang with,  I ended up giving him 75 Linden to get set Up,  Now if that is a I’m not interested, go bother someone else, I'm not sure what is….  Funny thing is the one girl that was there who actually IMd my friend ended up leaving with him,  as he said, the few that may have had a chance put themselves out of the running without trying. 

All in all the concept is good, I think there should be some assistance thought with the writing of these things, Most seem like a copy paste job, No thought put into it.  But then, Eh My opinion.

For those Looking, Best of luck and as I told the dude who was looking for a Nice girl to talk to, Once you take away the Males playing females, the Drama Queens and the Cyber Whores, there is 3 Nice girls left online ….. Good Luck!

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