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February 25, 2012

Girl Scouts a Cult? Please…..


Ok this really pisses me off…. this guy from Fort Wayne Indiana has deemed ALL Girl Scouts a cult.  I was a girl scout, apparently  I need to be in some recovery group now. 

He states they they are Pro-Abortion, Pro-Lesbian and teach girls that sex is not dirty.

I don’t know what to say here, I really don’t except for some people need to keep their Opinions to themselves and STFU. 

As a elected official, This guy Just bashed every gay person out there, any girl that had unprotected sex, be it Rape, a bad choice or maybe because the guy said “I LOVE YOU” . Yes Mr.  Morris  these girls have to have a willing participant to have sex,  Maybe a Boy Scout? 

He is upset that a “Transgendered” boy joined a Girl Scout troop in Colorado.  We are not talking about rocket science here, apparently he LIKES to do crafts and girl stuff, this happens and with acceptance comes enlightenment Mr. Morris……  Girls can join Boy Scouts Too!  They are called the Venturers.

I cannot believe you are so close minded, and think YOUR Opinion matters SO much that you as some screwed up choice to be the voice for many, should be able to stop 100 years of girls that have been doing community service, Crafts, camping and my Favorite, Horse back riding. 

So Girl Scouts does not want to take a stand on sexuality, Abortion, OR Birth Control. So Be it, I will teach my son the way I want him to think,  It is NOT the Scouts duty Nor is it your neighbors to be telling your children Not to have sex, Use a condom, take birth control or get an abortion. 

Your apology only comes as a regret for you screwed up,  You are a Government official, you are speaking on everyone’s behalf,  You opinion should not count at this point….  the hundreds of girl scout that Do go to senior homes, walk in your parades,  baby sit your children, Walk your dogs, Carry in Groceries for your neighbors are the ones paying for your need to push your opinion on your colleagues.  You Mr. Morris are a total twit.

Also I would like to say, Being gay or transgendered does not make you a Cult, as Much as being a Ignorant Political  Icon does… Are you in a religious cult?  One that Hates and Discriminates against those that do not have your beliefs?   I have one belief and that is to Raise My child as I see fit,  what the beliefs are of the other parents in my sons troop are, are not my business,  they are teaching them to be well rounded, social and giving. 

As a parent I am NOT going to talk Sex to anyone else child it is NOT my place, Nor am I going to say they are wrong for feeling a certain way, Once again NOT my place, My place is to be a safe place, one that hopefully they can trust, My Judgments mean nothing, But just listening and NOT judging a child can save a life.   Acceptance of our differences is the ONLY way to grow.

I am happy that you have decided you have a GOD like status and can rule over all these people, whom you have never met,  Judge them and vote against something your Mother was probably a part of (Have you sent her to be recovered?  She may need help also getting over those Horrid Cult Like scouts)

This is a 3rd Generation Girl scout here, My Sexual Preference has No matter on this, nor do My views on abortion.   I refuse to lower Myself to a level of doing shout outs as to my preferences because….  IT DOES NOT MATTER, What matters is that times change we have to change with them.  You were born at the wrong time for these opinions,  and elected by a lot of people that are regretting their votes. 

I hope your next position does not include any communication skills with the the people of Fort Wayne, Unless your asking “Would You Like Fries with that?”

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