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February 1, 2012

Going Home

Going Home… it is not always a location, but a place in your mind, It is a feeling of acceptance and complacency.  It can be a Smell, a smile or a person, It can be a Memory  a lost moment in time. 

Dylana wishing On a Star

In Secondlife, I have a Home,  It is what I have called home for 6 years now, It is my virtual escape from reality.  It is whatever I make it, and I do change it a lot…..But even though it is mine, It is the memories there that make it home,  It is the late nights spent talking about music, movies, People and other things with my online family.  The lot itself is not home,  they are.  I could be anywhere and if they are there I am home,  a place where I want to be, a place that I can nestle in and be complacent. 

It is funny, because there is very few people that can take me “Home” but those that can, have always been there, even if just on my list of online friends.  Even when I am not online, they are there,  they are not just a virtual thought but a real human with warmth, compassion and a heart of gold. 

It is funny that when I tend to stay close to “Home”  others ask me why I am so quiet,  I am not quiet to everyone, just to those that are not with me.  It is not a contest, It is hands down, that one person who can make me smile, accept me and just chill.  Home is where the heart is right?  It is where we hang our hat, regardless of the location.  Home is a frame of mind.

If anything, I  love to be home, I love to be me, and I appreciate those that take me there.  But most of all, I appreciate those that allow me to make my home part of theirs.

Peace Out

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