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July 26, 2011

What the Hell am I talking about………


I, as a human (well Most people see me that way) am a single mother of the sweetest boy.  I am a Popsicle technician, a Toy maintenance worker, a Life guard at the pool and a Super Hero……. It gets Old sometimes, I just need a break, that is when I blog, or  got into my little get away, Secondlife

If you have ever read any of my blogs, You are probably wondering WTH I am talking about, I realize there is many of you out there that have NO clue what I am talking about and think I am crazy for some of the shit I write…

Secondlife is Like a cross between Real life, and a Virtual Fantasy you make for your Avatar.  You can dolindsay 72611_001 anything in secondlife, fly, swim, dance, shop, and Well the occasional Real Life couple emerges out of the wood works.  I am writing this because I received am email the other day asking about WTH I was talking about,  I giggled in RL (Real Life) and wrote back, they asked for more Info , I sent them to the website and Bam, I am here 2 days later, they are a full Fledged Secondlife Resident with a Great looking avatar. 

Secondlife is whatever the person building the place wants it to be, a Hang out, a club, a Home, a Garden a Mountain, a ski resort, a Skate Park, a Football stadium, anything you can think of, It is probably here.   I Personally Love to  chat to people, BAM Secondlife has 40k+ online Most of the time.  I love Music, BAM I can Listen, Stream and DJ whenever I want, I Love to create, BAM  I can build my own house, and furniture,  I have Virtual Pets and a TV at my home, I can watch Movies, You tube any thing My heart desires, and Type to or voice at any time.  It is a wonderful get away,

lin and tommy 1The limits in Secondlife are only your Imagination,  it is possible to have EVERYTHING you want here, I have friends who at married or have Sig Others, Own clubs, Live out fantasies and just enjoy the knowledge that they have made it their own. 

Like all Virtual worlds there is a dark side, But it is what you make it,  I listen to Music, play with my pets and talk to random friends who are around,  It is My “Vacation” from Real Life. 



Many Hugs and see you on the grid!


  1. I admire your Mommy-hood.

    I also sincerely appreciate you introducing me to Second fact, this blog is where my little journey started & so far I have absolutely no regrets.

    I was intrigued by your thoughts of a "second life" and there's many reasons why I decided to immerse my myself...but the primary reason I even considered it was because you told me about it. I'm very grateful....especially after our first encounter, when I came away feeling like I've made a new friend.

    There's no way for me to describe how appreciative I am...btw, the timing couldn't have been more perfect & I'll share more about that another time.

    I've needed an escape, and I was very intrigued by your blog...the rest is history that I hope will include your close friendship.

    Master Pete in Second Life (Master Pete & Peter Santilli in real life!)

  2. Master Pete,

    Be careful what you wanted to be introduced to...muhahahahahaha

    The Spore

  3. Master Pete, Many Hugs! and I wish You all the best, we will hang Out soon, and I am always an IM away, and Mr Spore.... *Shakes head* Your to Funny, What shall I do with you... *laughs*

  4. Ms Heslop
    Not only are u a SL friend but consider you a RL one too, You are truly one of a kind>
    love ya girl