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May 20, 2013

Men and Thier *Junk*

Ok, So I landed at a safe hub the other day and was greeted with this.

[10:55]  ivoparodi Aabye: hello
[10:55]  You: Hello
[10:56]  ivoparodi Aabye: you from?
[10:57]  You: usa
[10:57]  You: u
[10:57]  ivoparodi Aabye: i from italy 28 old u
[10:57]  You: 32 :)
[10:58]  ivoparodi Aabye: like italian man
[10:58]  You: i like people who are real :)
[10:58]  ivoparodi Aabye: open my profil 1st life
[10:59]  ivoparodi Aabye: like it?
[11:00]  You: Apparently You are Here FOr sex, You have IMd the wrong avatar,  although I do wish you luck getting your rocks off
[11:00]  ivoparodi Aabye: i like show it in skype ...
[11:01]  You: Great for You, Run with that,  Hope its not a dude on the other end

This guy had a Picture of his Penis as a Monument in his profile.. Seriously!!!  Was I Out the day a bunch of females got together and made the penis attractive?  If you have never seen one, well you will be shocked to say the least.  not the most attractive thing UNLESS it is attached to someone you are uber attracted to, THEN yeah it may be kinda pretty, Not for its Looks but the capabilities it can do.

I would have Understood  IF I landed there naked God forbid (Has happened Before)

this guy was FAR from  New He was Old school,  So I was Surprised, But then no I guess I was Not.  I have some seen some Pretty Unattractive ones inworld,  ones that would make you think to yourself *Why would You not Steal a Better Looking penis Picture* OK OK  I get You want  to THINK that this person is thinking of Your penis, Truth,  Hell No, We are thinking of how small, Deformed,  Odd or ugly it looks.   We will probably be laughing to, FYI because We are Not often asking for a Pic of Your cock, Hell No,  We dont ask because Well, WE DONT CARE...  Ok there is a few one out there that are attractive but once again, they are attached to someone I am a bit attached to.

Ok, Well since we are On the Subject of Secondlife dicks,  I could go 2 ways here, Eh I may Just go Both.

Here is Some wonderful Pictures of men thinking they are pretty fucking hawt in SL

Yes Please Wear Your best when hanging at a Sex sim, Because the guys In the girl avatars Really appreciate Your * Cough*  STYLE!!!

Note this Guy has NO dick, I'm pretty sure I dated Him, He is a MAN, Yet, well Its so small I'm sure they used a Microprim to make it (Shakes Head and Giggles)

This guy stood here For a Long time, The girl apparently wants it, but he is questioning whether he wants to,  Seriously Dude, You TPd In, You got naked, Your IN FRONT OF HER,  what are You waiting for a Freaking Personal Invite  from Linden Labs to do her, a Cookie Maybe,  Hop on the damn ball, Get Off, and Log Off. 

For those that Log in for Sex Only, that are here to get Your Pebbles Off, I use pebbles because most I have Met do NOT have Rocks for balls,  I would go as far as a Single cell  enigma since Y'all don't have back Bones ether,

So there it is, the Wonderful Men Of Second Life, Hey Girls, Umm Good Luck On the Boy friend Hunt..  Hah

May 10, 2013

Ass Hurt Dominates

So Doms are Big Babies I see,  This is My Dominate side speaking of course.  Once they do Not get what they want,  they go into a corner and cry.  Sadly I had hope for them, But then they Never were who they said they were anyway so, Once again my expectations were set a bit to High.  I sent a Very SWEET Dear John letter hoping they would at least remain friends   Very Unlikely at this point sadly.  He has run to his alt and Hiding with his Other Slaves, Or Pets or subs Or whoever.  

Ok,  Here is Old News

If they Only Have One Picture Of themselves,  They are Not who they say they are (granted If your voice Is Hawt, It can slide a Bit Longer)

If they Only Log sporadically  They are an alt of their Main, which Is usually Not the main that is shared, But yet another One.

If They say I Love you in such a short time and Push you to share their Feelings,  Its all a game, and Your rules are no Longer applicable.

Oh My Favorite is, For the Sporadic Logger... I am sick.. With a Cold, Bad Back, Infection...  Hmm after a Month of Being sick, Well, I am thinking It is all in your mind.

Oh I Love this one to,  Here is My Cell # I have a top of the Line phone, But don't send Me Pictures Because they do Not go through.....*Laughs almost to the Point Of Peeing*

Now I will Put up with Quite a Bit Of BS really, But when I am being Nice about stuff and Your coating it with BS and Lies, Well, My Moment is over and I WILL cut the cord.

So For all the Doms out there that SAY they are One,  You may Play one well WHEN you have a willing participant, But the second someone calls You out on your shit you hide, well, apparently I was a bit More Dom that You EVER will be, I am totally Ok with saying how it is,  Unlike Most of You.

One Of My Best friends Is part of a Group

Submissive NOT stupid.. I LOVE this, It is Simple and to the Point,  Like Everyone should Be.

May 6, 2013

Holy Shit!  I just happen to come across this and noted how many views I have obtained over the last year without writing a Damn thing,  People must be crazy reading my babble.

UPDATE - I Quit, I came Back, I quit again, and I am back again.. Yes, No one ever totally quits I always say, they just crawl into an alt account and hide till the storms pass, Or till others have forgotten what a total asshole they are.

So I figured I would write a real quick blog today, as Usual I have not to write about but lets just see where this goes, M kay. WOW 14 Months I have Written Nothing LOL, Yes I am just a talker lately.....

NOW for the good stuff,  I have a store, It is on a Beautiful sim, all Meshy Clothes and I LOVE it, My Old FB (F* Buddy) Sixx got me making clothing again, and damn I hit the road running,  Really I think he just wanted a new wardrobe... Ha Ha, Seriously I have Him to thank for that, I have been Busy doing that Since February this year and now starting to make a Dent in sales, I even did percentages on the Profits to have some spending money on my other avi, Damn Im so smart for Being blonde.

I would spend HOURS making the textures and doing the templates and OMG, It was Crazy, I was a Machine, Until I got an IM one evening, Now Let me say I am far from what You would call a Virtual Slave, But hell this guy makes Submission a Piece of cake, with frosting, Sprinkles, Broken Up cookies, Choc Chips and Ice Cream WITH whipped cream on the side (NUM)

I Keep telling him I am a Bitch, But he claims to have never seen this "Side" of Me, Well I have had No reason to be yet.

What i have learned Is, IF someone is GOOD at being a Dominate, it makes it easy to fall Into, and really I have say in everything, and believe Me I can say No, Ha ha.

Ok, Well there is My Catch Up for Now, I am sure I will have More to say later, I have work to do In RL tho, HUgs and THANK every one for reading and Re reading and Sending it on and Google Plus-Ing, OMG  My Blog didn't Die, It only flourished while I was gone!   Thanks!!!