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June 24, 2011

New love (Poem)


Slowly memories fade like ghosts in the past,
Little things seem to fill in the blanks so very fast,
I look forward to the days that have yet to come,
Together as a couple, two turns into one,
Just chilling out and sharing thoughts and dreams,
I really don't think you know to me what it means,
Whenever you make me smile, I get butterflies deep inside,
Your like a definite mystery, a journey  I want to ride,
I thank you for being there when I needed a shoulder to cry
Thank you for being gentle with me and. Staying by my side
I don't know why you like me or see me the way you do,
but I know that we are good together, and still so very new,
Knowing there's a distance, your so far away
I wish I had the words, all the right things to say,
I know I can be silly but mostly I'm just true,
I look forward to seeing my future with you

(This Poem Is actually Old, I came across it this Morning along With a Few others I’ll Post)

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