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November 7, 2013

Cloaked Happiness

Cloaked Happiness by dy secondlife
Cloaked Happiness, a photo by dy secondlife on Flickr.
If you have not noticed, I do a Lot of Empowerment pictures, Reality Pictures, Common sense Pictures, Pain and Love pictures, all Of them are bits of my life, from one side of the spectrum to the other. I can do an Uber sad one to a Euphoric one in 5 Minutes or less. Cloaked happiness is just that, a fake beauty covering the reality of what we deal with. is anyones Life perfect? Naw, We all have our own shit to deal with, the only thing we can do is try not to cause More onto our loved ones and friends. RL will beat the hell out of us, SL is supposed to be fun, happy relaxing, Now Im not talking about hurt feelings here, that will happen regardless right after You receive that "We Need to talk" Message... lol, Im talking about the Blatant Disregard for those who you claim as friends. Like for an Example, Your a Bit Tipsey and Your BFFs Boyfriend wants a Lil Quickie, You have decided your to spineless to be honest so You creep around on an alt, You hear a Rumor about a Friend and decide Instead of sticking up for them You pass it on to your circle, You Give away Personal Information that was supposed to be kept to yourself, Seriously, Your Not a friend if You do any of these things, Your a disgrace to the word, THe Word Friend is NOT just a Noun It Is also a Verb, It is a 2 Part thing, act Like a friend Dont just say it then shit on everyone. While I am On my rant here let me ALSO point out, IF you do decide to shit on your friends, however it goes down, Don't just send em a smiley 6 Months later thinking "Oh We should Be cool" In order to Open up communication of someone You shit on,, It is Not only Customary, But Pretty Freaking Common sense to start with an apology. There are some people who are Not accustomed to being apologetic for anything, I Offer You this Link, It was Used by someone I Know, and worked wonders to bring Us back together over time, So do not over step Your friendship, Like "Ohh She will Never find Out" Or, "Its been Long enough" Hell No, There is to many Decent people out there to replace Your ass with, so do not think your above an apology.because Your not, Your just another Deleted name on a List of the many that Log in.

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