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November 18, 2013

Going Home

Going Home by dy secondlife
Going Home, a photo by dy secondlife on Flickr.

So I did a Blog almost 2 years ago, Called Going home, It is basically about Home is where the heart is, Not always a Place or where you get your mail. It is Located Here I used to blog Uber Lot, Or at least write Poetry, Im back to Now doing both. I took a short stint, Changing my Blog to Freebies, Did really well on the blog, But then Got caught up in some SL BS, You know the type that makes it Impossible to do anymore, Not that I didn't want to But My time was Pretty monopolized, I had NO time to do as I wanted, But thats SL, and I now have so many places to make over avatars, I can fix each noob differently as I meet them. I Missed blogging, But what I had to say anymore would have been, Well Directed to one person and one person Only. I DID write a Poem for them, Posted it, watched My Blog, waiting, THey Never even read it... 2 or 3 days later I Took it down, Been working on a Picture to match up with that Poem. GImmie Time, SOO this is Our new Home, It is beautiful after I have changed a few textures and moved a few plants, Inside I already have started decorating and making it all pretty and Festive. I am so geeked for this christmas, I mean, I had a Really shitty year last christmas, Seriously bad, RL/SL it was just a Mess. I ended Up doing more emotional damage to myself trying to fix the problem, than I did saving myself. THat is Me, If I jump in there is NO turning back. This year will Be Uber better, I have a New Job.. And my old job.. Ok, I May be Tired as Fuck lol, I have a Home I actually Consider My home, Not just an empty Vessel I can log Into and I have my outlet, My writing, My poetry My pictures. The best feeling is Going home, and I never plan to leave :)

You KNOW I have a soNg for this Right?? Ha ha Here ya Go!

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