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November 3, 2013

without You (Poetry)

without You 1 by dy secondlife
without You 1, a photo by dy secondlife on Flickr.
Without You I make No sense, I make no rhyme or reason
Without you I am lost, I cannot see through the Trees and,
Without I am nothing, But an empty vessel of broken dreams,
But with you I am strong, I am Hopeful, My Future Gleams,
Without I feel so Small, So empty deep inside,
Without you I have always been alone, Noone to Confide,
Without you I was searching, Searching for what you gave,
But with you I am Whole, I can go peacefully to My Grave.
Without I tried to find happiness, all I found was a lot of Doubt,
People who tore me apart, Chewed me Up, then Spit me out,
Without you I fell apart, yet tried to stand my ground,
But with you, Missing me, I was lost, but now I am Found.

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