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July 7, 2011

Muted and Banned… With Love….

So I have not done a blog in a while with my charm and Charisma  as a writer, I have ether been a, to “Zen” My new word for the day, B to Pissed off, or C to distracted, SO I shall give you my 2 cents worth of Idiots located in this place we call Secondlife.  I Get along with everyone, I can give you references, and even the people that don’t like me will tell you, I am not one to  hurt people and I am Definitely not a de-friender.

Lets talk about these people that roam Secondlife only to bring stress and anxiety to others, 

First we Know they are emotional wrecks – I mean they have to be,  emotions stir these people to No get out, they add fuel to the fire by challenging WHY they are de friending, They are in most cases a nut case and probably need to be Medicated.  I am not talking about the random deletion, I am talking about mass deletion,  TP Into a sim and cut all ties with anyone that is there and then to screw your self even more,  Ban all these people from your club, Which in all Honesty. were close to your only clientele.  Not Only are you a Nut case but you are Emotionally draining, to every one,  If your name pops up in IM and U think, Hmm they must be busy (They are ALWAYS busy when you IM them)… No Its just you, they do NOT want to talk to you, and nor do they want to listen to you bitch for an hour about poor you and how the world is against you,  how good you have been to all your friends, and THEY ALL have screwed you over…

Fact – If there is a common denominator in a large percentage of occurrences – that denominator is the cause Not the outcome

Simply put YOU are the issue, No one else is, You have made it intolerable to be liked and you have made it impossible to even feel sorry for you. We are all just tired as hell at listening to you and your pathetic excuses for being alone, not having friends and what your new Plot is to get revenge on the last, probably  innocent victim in your life. 

I can remember TRYING to talk someone down from their Podium… They all own podiums if you didn’t know, because they are SOOO Much better that the rest of us.  and I was trying to get them to listen to reason, I learned quickly that it was a waste of time.. Their Podium is made of compacted Shit, Pressed together so tightly you can only smell it but you cannot Find it…. Until “It” Hits the fan.

So If you are wondering why people are disappearing,  look in the mirror, put down the alcohol.  It is Not Us, It’s a Bit More Personal……. Its you….

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